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Public Private Partnership (PPP) Strategies in New Orleans, LA

TriCrescent facilitates the work that a public entity and a private developer must do together in a Public Private Partnership (PPP) strategy. A PPP project is a way for a public entity such as a government agency to fund a development project that will provide a service or services to the public. The partnership is structured so that the private entity that is providing all or some of the funding to finance, build, and operate the project makes a profit on the project. This is often accomplished through the operating profits of the completed project. Such cooperative arrangements are a way for a heavily indebted community to leverage a public asset to the benefit of all involved in the venture.

Enhancive Public Private Partnership Strategies in New Orleans, LA

An old adage says it takes a village to raise a child. In a related manner, it takes a collaborative effort to create projects that benefit the community at large. TriCrescent specializes in crafting public private partnership strategies in New Orleans, LA.

Projects of just about any size are typically expensive to undertake. Many times our public clients are those that do not have the resources to fund such projects.

On the private side, clients are companies that can use the project to market the type of work they do and attract more business. By working together, both public and private entities benefit from the project.

Need-Based Development Strategies

Anyone who has been involved in any type of project planning knows that it requires a good deal of work. It often starts by determining the needs of the client and then making recommendations about how to satisfy the request.

We gather input from both the public and private sides of the project as part of the development strategies process. This approach is how we ensure that all parties have the opportunity to have a voice in determining the parameters of the project. Even so, it is often the need of the public entity that tends to drive the direction of a public private partnership.

Beneficial Real Estate Development

Your community needs new development to boost its economy. Unfortunately, you do not have the public resources to fund such a project. What do you do? Turn to us for the real estate development assistance you need.

At our firm, we know what is possible from a mutually beneficial relationship between a public and private entity. We use our knowledge to explain this type of joint venture and outline what is needed to start one that meets your needs.

Our overall goal is to assist both private and public entities in developing strategies that allow them to meet their own goals. See for yourself the positive results that can come from partnerships involving public and private operations. In the end, your entire community will reap the benefits.

Contact us for public private partnership strategies designed to benefit the most people possible. We proudly serve Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.